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MEDS IT: The Destiny Copy-Cat MLM That Misleading Youth & IT

Bangladesh is a developing country. The number of middle class and poor people are higher than rich and well settled people. But to have a good life is everyone’s desire. By using this sentiment some evil guys are trying to become millionaires themselves by sucking money from millions of general people.

We all know about Destiny. But another MLM company, MEDS IT, is almost spreading without making any significant noise. The bad thing about MEDS is it has targeted countries most two important assets, youth and IT.

MEDS IT offers many computer skill courses. But that is eye-wash only. It is a just a MLM company, they have no intention to spread IT or related things. First of all, the courses they offer is almost of no use. Nobody joins MEDS to learn skills. Actually they focused the MLM concept and short-cut money making tricks more than their courses. Just visit their website, you can clearly get their MLM intentions is higher than IT one.

Actually there IT training is of no use. As we all know IT traing needs special mentors and good equipments. MEDS is out all those. The money a student pay it divide to many top people through cycles who convinced them to join. At the end every less money left to provide quality education.

[MEDS is doing MLM and IT business just with a trade license !]

We know there is a large number of private varsity going students now-a-days. Those students often feel shortage of money to fulfill modern life style. MEDS IT is using those students to become rich itself. They use cafes or Shisha lounges to attract people into MEDS. They tell you about your needs, life goals and at any cost they will make you believe you can’t do anything else, this is the only way to earn money. And no wonder they are successfully getting a bunch of people into it.


[Attractive rewards of MEDS !]

MEDS even conduct seminars at remote areas where people doesn’t have any strong idea about IT. This is because those people are uneducated and driving them towards anything is much easier. They are also using data of Bangladesh’s freelancing success for there own sack and leading people to stupid MLM business.

Bangladesh really have a great future if we can utilize our two important assets, IT opportunity and youth power. MEDS is playing with the both. Many students are now varsity drop-outs, thanks to MEDS’s monetary lessons. Govt. should strictly take initiative to stop those frauds.

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